Luchadores Buxoticas Comedy


Valentines 08
What a completely delirous run;  everything from a giant, dancing cupcake, to high-flyin’ Lucha Libre with a giant dollop of Sashay Gigante.  Sashay Gigante has to be seen to be believed.  Jim Turner (Arliss, Randy of the Redwoods), Kato Kalin, Toby Huss and many other actor-types stripped down to their iconic skivvies and delighted/terrified the ladies as a Valentine’s treat.  David Gruber Allan narrated the proceedings.  We were laughing so hard our faces hurt, and we were all “hugged” by various Sashay-ers.  Aaaah, memories.

Summer 08
Lucha VaVOOM’s 1st Summer-Nacionales; a tribute to the NHRA’s Summer Nationals.  We kicked off the show with 2 of the tallest-stripping-majorettes that you’ve ever seen. The Mini Chicken went craaaazy and flew into a very happy crowd many times, Chupacabras did his evil thing, and we had 2 guest burlesque acts: Chicago’s Michelle L’Amour broke several laws with her “Do You Wanna Touch” dance, and the Wau Wau Sisters Stole the show with their death-defying aerial feats to “Born to Run.”  Those girls were truly astounding!
The show finished with our Summer-Nacional event: Team America vs. Team Mexico vs. really wild card Team Gay.  They may have been light in the loafers, but Team Gay fought a ferocious battle and were victorious!

Halloween 08
Aaaaah, Halloween.  Our first black-light headlining match, featuring the Lucha VaVOOM debut of Cuije & Alebrije.  Oh, none of us were ready for this kind of psychedelic experience, but we were all glad we were there!  Wow!  Victoria Vengeance made her LVV solo stripping debut, out of a coffin, Jeffrey Ross was our special guest commentator, El Presidente had to wrestle with his Secret Service in tow (it’s the law) and Joey Ryan took a beating from the Presidential crew.

For more great pictures check out the Luchadores, Striptease and Comedy sections!

For more great pictures check out the Luchadores, Striptease and Comedy sections!

Photo Credits: Don Spiro, Marc Smith, Daniel Chavira, Mark Berry, Norman Nelson & Robin Perine

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