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Best of 2011

2011 was a mad whirl and somehow doesn’t feel over yet…
The Valentine’s shows were fantastic. Our new celebrity fan, Drew Carey, brought Sam Simon from the Simpsons and they both were caught up in the magic, fun & wonder that is Lucha VaVOOM. They both tweeted about us and it made us very proud. Drew even brought the Price is Right girls, who were so cool we were hoping to get them to ring girl someday. Fingers crossed!

Next came the Bamboozled Festival in New Jersey; three wild days of wrestling and mayhem at the Meadowlands. We made lots of new friends & fans, and managed to keep the Insane Clown Posse out of our ring, not to mention Li’l Wayne & Motley Crue. We accidentally ran into Motley Crue right as they were about to go on (we were trying to find an indoor bathroom) and it was funny when everyone was reeeeaallly nice to us because they thought we were part of their entourage! Joey Ryan, Dirty Sanchez, Matt Classic & El Jimador went to town with the fans – we’ve never seen so many teenagers in one place and lived to tell about it.

So things really heated up in May – our smash CINCO DE MAYAN/CINCO DE MAYO show was so crazy the last two years that we decided more people needed to see it. So for the first (but not the last) time, Lucha VaVOOM did simultaneous Cinco shows in Chicago and Los Angeles. They were both magnificent and we can’t wait to add more and more cities every year to our Cinco roster. We really blow it out!

We spent our summer vacation looking for a home in Las Vegas, which is an ongoing process. Can’t you just imagine Lucha VaVOOM in Las Vegas? Holy shit! BUT after fun & games & many El Jimador shots later, we got down to business to plan our NINTH ANNIVERSARY CLASSIC. Good lord y’all. Nine years! It was a total blast – we did a contest and let our fans curate the show. Boy do they know their stuff! We had Hijo del Santo, Cassandro, Roky Roulette and lots of favorite acts from over the years. It makes us misty just thinking about it.

On to Halloween – when Lucha VaVOOM REALLY goes off. It’s hard to say what the best time of year is for Lucha VaVOOM; Valentine’s is so sexy, violent & romantic. Cinco is a total perfect extravaganza, but Halloween is when we get weird. So much great stuff – a black-light voodoo match, the fetish doll that came to life and ran thru the balcony, the puritans that brought up a witch to burn at the stake (she wound up possessed and contorted on the stake in all kinds of inhuman positions!). We also debuted NYC’s Trixie & the Evil Hate Monkey – they are tremendous. Monkey surprised everyone and proposed to Trixie at the end of their number. The whole house was on fire! What a great ending to our 2011 shows.

We’re working hard on 2012 – it’s the last year on earth so we are once again pushing as far as we can to bring new and mind-blowing acts and non-stop action to as many people as we possibly can! If you want Lucha VaVOOM to come to your town, call your local club and demand LUCHA VAVOOM!!!

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