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We're Back! Tickets On Sale for the Sexy Valentines Show, February 11th and 12th!

Where authentic Mexican Masked Wrestling, High Octane Performance & Comedy collide Lucha VaVOOM is celebrating 17 years solid of spectacular performances. From Los Angeles to Australia, Japan, and across the USA, LVV always brings the best, HIGH OCTANE performance, comedy and high caliber LUCHA LIBRE wrestlers from Mexico, Japan and PARTS UNKNOWN! Slide At Republic of Lucha with Sagrada Mezcal - April 24 - May 20 Slide Wrestling Camp with Jesse Camp Ep12 Slide Lucha VaVoom:
Inside America’s Most Outrageous Show
Official Trailer - Film Available NOW!
Slide LVV on Ellen! Slide Slide


Featured Cast

“There’s no show that’s funnier, sillier or more entertaining than this one..”

-- ERIC IDLE, Monty Python

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