The crowd falls silent, captivated by an eerie green glow that envelops the venue. Sinuous tendrils of smoke slither across the stage, enveloping and cascading off the lucha ring in a ghostly dance. Suddenly, a single beam of brilliant white light pierces the center of the ring. A buzzing reverberates through the room before cutting off abruptly. In the sudden stillness, the beam of light begins to pulse hypnotically. Just then, a chicken materializes from within the glowing! No—wait—two chickens! Their wings flutter frenetically to the pounding beat of the Lucha Va Voom theme song, and the crowd erupts into ecstatic cheers. This surreal spectacle is what the aliens have etched into our minds, and there’s but one way to exorcise it 👽

Area 51 holds many secrets. Who knew that the best Halloween party in Los Angeles was one of them? WE DID so we broke in and took it! Behold, a Lucha Libre spectacle unparalleled in audacity and allure: Burlesque, Beer, and—of course—Blucha. (Our alliterative genius can only go so far.)