If you’re looking for a wild night out, a great date night, or a place to let it all hang out with like-minded fun-seekers, we’re your show!

Lucha VaVOOM has been wowing audiences with its glam/slam extravaganzas for over seventeen years now. From L.A. to Tokyo, across the U.S. and all the way to Australia, people go crazy for this perfect combo of authentic masked Mexican wrestling matches interspersed with insane performances and top comedians hosting and steering us through what is always a great night.

Our performers are curated by LVV from across the globe. We travel far and wide to bring you the greatest performing acts, comedians, and luchadores — Mexico, Australia, NYC, London, Japan, Europe. The best performers are all here!


That's because Lucha VaVOOM has the pacing of a prison break. Before you can process what you see, they're off to the next segment... Next thing you know, two performers are getting legally married right there on stage. It's like a hobbit wedding, but with more alcohol. I cry a little, because romance always does that to tough guys like me. —Chris Erskine, LOS ANGELES TIMES, March 10, 2012

“…a raucous and irreverent extravaganza of burlesque, comedy and classic Mexican luchadore wrestling… The evening had the feel of an unhinged circus, as an increasingly rowdy crowd (which included ‘Cheech and Chong’ legend Cheech Marin), watched the rudos (the ‘bad guy’ wrestlers) take on the tecnicos (the ‘good’ guys) in bouts that were equal parts comedic jest and brilliantly choreographed feats of costumed athleticism.”

—Katie Bain, HUFFINGTONPOST.COM, August 19, 2011