What does the General Admission ticket get me?
It covers the balcony (bench-style seating) and the Mezzanine section, which is elevated above the floor section.  The Mayan has giant video screens so you don’t miss a thing.

How about Ringside?
Ringside covers the entire floor area, as well as either side of the ring, with rows of seats just behind the Golden Circle seating.  Seating is first come first grabbed and seating is not guaranteed. The Ringsides and Golden Circle sell out first – if you want these tickets, better grab them fast!

What’s the Golden Circle?
As in boxing, the Golden Circle refers to the seats closest to the ring; the first three rows.  It’s for the people who LOVE Lucha VaVOOM and are hoping for a little quality time with the wrestlers (as when they fly out of the ring and spectators have to move out of the way).  It’s a very interactive experience, not for the faint of heart, and certainly not for anyone who over-indulges in the pain-go-bye-bye juice.

What do you mean by “No Fly Zone”
The No Fly Zone is a raised platform behind the ring, just in front of our comics.  If you want a great view of the wrestling, and a back view of the girls, and mostly, you don’t want to get landed on by a performer, then this is the spot for you.

How come I went to a show and it was all standing?
That is our CINCO DE MAYO show only; we take out the seats and everyone can dance or move around wherever they’d like.  It’s more of a party atmosphere than our other shows.

What time does the show start?
Doors open at 7pm.  Come down and see the car parade, buy some merch, have a refreshment, listen to our dj & watch some fun videos. Find the exact spot you want to experience Lucha VaVOOM from; our start time is 8pm.

What should I wear?
Lucha VaVOOM is a great date night; dress to impress and for our Halloween shows there’s always a costume contest! If you don’t plan on sitting, wear comfy shoes; you will be on your feet a lot!

Can I go in and out of the venue
No.  Just like anywhere else!

I bought a ticket but I can’t go – what can I do?
Tickets are non-refundable, just like every other event!

Can I smoke?
Fraid so.  There are two outdoor areas for which to slowly kill yourself.

Can I bring a camera?
Point and shoot is ok, camera phones, of course.  No DSLR cameras unless prior permission is granted.  We love having our picture taken – post and tag us – we love that!  @luchavavoom #luchavavoom #luchalife

How about parking?
There are plenty of lots on/near Olympic & Hill.  The one attached to the Mayan is expensive, try a little further out if you’re trying to save your money for buying LVV swag.

Is there food?
No.  We do have tamales available at our Cinco shows, but only then. There are plenty of good eats nearby.

Will merchandise be available?
You bet!

Do you take credit cards?
We take credit cards at the box office and for merch, and the bars all accept cards.

How can I be the first to know when tickets go on sale etc.?
Join our newsletter, sign-up form below.  We only send out a few per year, and it is completely private!